Clip plates For Plate Heat Exchanger

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Clip plates

Alfa Laval’s Clip plates are custom-designed for the efficient thermal treatment of liquid food and sensitive hygienic pro-ducts. Based on many years of practical experience in food applications, they offer a well-balanced answer to complex needs. Clip plates take their name from their glueless clip-on gaskets, which can quickly and easily be removed with the plates still on the frame. Food-grade gaskets are available in materials from NBR to EPDM, enabling a perfect match for the application temperature and characteristics.

The plates themselves are available in many geometries and patterns, as well as a choice of stainless steel, SMO or titanium. Their excellent press depth and relatively few contact points prolong operating times, while a unique distribution area ensures an even flow over the whole plate surface.
Well-proven and extremely heat
efficient, our Standard Clip plates
meet the toughest requirements
in food processing. They feature
a chevron pattern for maximum
strength at high working pressures,
with different chevron angles
available for optimal heat transfer
at a given pressure drop.
Our WideStream Clip plates have
very few contact points, which
helps prevent blockage and results
in longer uninterrupted operating
times. The plates are specially
developed for the pasteurization
of fruit juices and other products containing
pulp and fibres.
With their double walls, our Gemini
Clip plates combine excellent heat
transfer with increased protection
against the mixing of fluids.
The plates consist of two sheets that
are formed together, which prevents
the media from mixing even in the
event of a cracked plate.